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This course includes:

•    Basic Handling of Instruments
•    Principal of HPLC & Dissolution
•    Preparation of Solutions
•    Analysis on the instruments.
•    Calculation Handlings.
•    Calibration.
•    Troubleshooting
•    Certification on completion.

Science- Pharmacy- Training in Pharmaceutical Industry

HPLC and Dissolution Techniques

It is a comprehensive practical course that covers the subject of HPLC + Dissolution in depth.

Duration- 1 Week (3Hrs)

What you'll learn

  • Preparation of Concentration Matrix, Preparation of Method Validation Protocol, Calculation of Results, Preparation of Method Validation Report, Free Templates for Conc.

  • Interview related theory with operation & calibration of HPLC


  • Understanding The Basics of Analytical Chemistry.

  • Desire to learn more about HPLC and a willingness to make the necessary effort.


The dissolution method validation mastery course will help you in understanding not only concept but also implementation. The course has explained on how concentration matrix for various dissolution method validation parameters can be prepared, how to prepare protocol and report, how to perform various calculations. You will find demo on all above activities, which will help you in understanding entire curriculum on deeper level.

You'll Also Get:

Lifetime Support to course updates
Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section
Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Who this course is for:

•Students in disciplines of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Food & Nutrition, Polymer Science, and Agricultural Sciences. •R&D Scientists and employees. •QA Managers & Practicing Chemists, QC employees. •Life Science researchers and students. •Governmental Regulatory Bodies. •Environmental Science Students. •Interested Students To Join the Pharmaceutical Field.

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